Aleco Keusseoglou

Chairman & co-founder


    Speaks 5 languages, French, English, Italian, Greek and Spanish.

  • History

    Since 2006, Co-Founder and President of the Board of Directors of 2PM MONACO SAM, an Asset Management Company with approximately € 1bn of assets.

    From 2001, he is a state appointed Board Member of the SBM, company listed in Paris Stock Exchange.

    From 2003 he is the President of SEPM, a Company owned by the Government of Monaco, which manages the Ports of Monaco.

    Member of the Board of Directors of the Yacht Club of Monaco. President of the Commission Monaco Destination within the Strategic Attractiveness Committee. President of the F.M.S.N.

  • Education

    Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Williams College, Massachusetts in 1981.
    He has developed and sold the family Company (Luxury Cruise Line).